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Dave King's Atari Memories

AuthorDave King (USA)
Level Count10

Author CommentsI had an Atari, and loved it! I also enjoyed spending what little money I had as a kid on the 3 arcade games in my video store; Wonder Boy, Haunted Castle, & of course, good ol' Arcanoid, the Mother of all ball & paddle games, in Ville-St. Laurent, Montreal. (of course I also went to the arcade, but surprisingly, they did not have those games). - Presently I'm 24, and when I'm not too busy trying to survive in this crazy freakin' ((sometimes unfortunately) real) world, thanks to emulation, I can enjoy these games and all the other classic games that are now mostly only obtainable in it's ROM form. (Basically, a ROM is an exact copy of the data on for example, an Atari 2600 cartridge). When one opens a game ROM from within the emulator, (a piece of software which is built for a specific purpose; to temporarily enable your computer to perform the same functions as the hardware of whatever device being emulated), one is able to play the game, usually exactly as it did on the original system ;) Most emulators even have features that can improve the graphics, or add scan-lines, to simulate the appearance of a television.

What I did was: I browsed all the Atari 2600 screenshots, found the ones that would be appropriate for a background in X ball, & it's really amazing how the blocks fit perfectly in the screenshots :) - Then I opened 'em up in Stella, an Atari 2600 emulator for Mac, took screenshots, & made small cleanup changes, & finally, imported them into X ball. Add a few sleepless nights, & you got what you have here ;)

I'd love to hear people's comments, but I don't have frequent access to the internet, & I'm very busy these days, so just... I dunno, tell your friends about it if you like it :)


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