Here you can find levels submitted by other registered users of X Ball. To play on the levels you download from this site, place them in the "Worlds" folder inside of your "X Ball" folder and then chose "Change The World" from the X Ball main menu screen. For more detailed instructions, please see this page.

If you feel inclined to create levels of your own, I would be more than happy to post them here for other users to enjoy. You can submit your worlds by filling out this form.

Note: When X Ball went underground, all information on user contributed worlds was lost. We did our best to reconstruct what we could, but unfortunately, much could not be recovered, including all time high scores, comments, and ratings.
4 Play4Dan The ManUSA25
Dan III20Dan The ManUSA33
Dan V20Dan The ManUSA34
Dan VI20Dan The ManUSA28
Dave King's Atari Memories10Dave KingUSA22
Dragon Master's World28Dragon MasterUSA36
Dragon Master's World 246Dragon MasterUSA21
Emily's World O Fun46EmilyUSA33
Enter the Dragon12Dragon MasterUSA27
Hang 10!10Dan The ManUSA32
Have Fun2AlexUSA21
Kube7Dan The ManUSA24
Lucky 77Dan The ManUSA30
Natural Elements30Ken SUSA21
Randy's 1111RandyUnknown23
Sweden World10Christian HjortzbergSweden18
Sweden World 220Christian HjortzbergSweden21
Sweden World 31Christian HjortzbergSweden20
Sweden World 411Christian HjortzbergSweden32
Sweden World 510Christian HjortzbergSweden26
Sweden World 610Christian HjortzbergSweden24
Sweden World 76Christian HjortzbergSweden21
syz 2-16UnknownUnknown26
Take 5!5Dan The ManUSA22
Volly Sport6Ken SUSA21