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Lucky 7

AuthorDan The Man (USA)
Level Count7

Author CommentsAn additional bonus can be had in each level if the player can hit the correct gold switch. Some things should be evident, i.e., using anything that explodes, Steel Balls, or Break Gold Bricks can (and most likely will), take out the gold switch if employed before hidden funding is revealed and thus affect your score adversely. So save that stuff until after you have activated the gold switch in each level. The hidden funding switch will switch only once.

See the enclosed README for a level by level strategy guide to help you activate the gold switch in each level if you are having trouble finding your way.

A good score on this world will top 200,000. A very good score will top 250,000. Is it possible however to get a break when buying scoring and we have seen scores topping 450,000. Will you be the first to get to 500,000? Any comments or suggestions are welcome!


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